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Student Achievement Index

Psychology ETS Exam

The Department of Psychological Services assesses students using the Major Field Test for Psychology developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Prior to Fall 2012, a score of 135 was set by the psychology faculty as a benchmark to pass the Psychology Senior Exit Exam. The benchmark score was changed to 140 effective Fall 2012, because 140 represents 70% which is a minimal grade of C in the Department of Psychological Services. The Department requires a minimum grade of C in all required psychology courses for credit towards graduation. According to the chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences, in Spring 2006, the mean for GC test takers was 151 while in Spring 2011 it had increased to 162. According to the Comparative Data Guide provided by ETS, the mean score for students taking the exam from September 2011 until June 2012 was 156.1. GC senior psychology majors are performing at or above the national mean and well above the benchmark of 140.

Test DateNumber of GC Test TakersGCSU Mean
AY 15-16 80 167
AY 14-15 68 165
AY 13-1487165
AY 12-13100162
AY 11-12103160
AY 10-1196160
AY 09-10 106 161
AY 08-09 78 162


The Chemistry department at GC utilizes the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Chemical Education course exams to determine student achievement within a number of courses throughout the entire undergraduate curriculum. Through a pre/post model, department faculty can determine student achievement from the beginning of a course to the end, through an analysis of learning gains approach. In addition, national data is available from the American Chemical Society’s division of testing and the Chemistry department at GC sets benchmarks against these national norms. The department’s standard of expectation is to be within one standard deviation of the national norm at the post-test administration of each exam for each course.

Data are presented as average raw score and percentage corre compct for pre-and post- administrations for each course listed (across sections). Given the abundance of data available (the Chemistry department assesses approximately 10 courses each semester) sample data is included for 3 courses; a 1000, 2000, and 3000 level. Student achievement is consistently well above that of the national average, and in all instances below with one exception (Fall 2013, CHEM 3362), targets for achievement have been met or exceeded for each course during every semester.

Fall 2012Spring 2013Fall 2013Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015 ACS
  Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post National Composite Norms
CHEM 121219.53419.535.0819.6233.0420.5332.39 19.7 32.3 19.54 30.82 37.9 +/- 3.99
27.86%48.57%27.86%50.12%28.03%47.20%29.33%46.27% 28.10% 46.17% 27.97% 44.04%
CHEM 280013.1221.7614.4123.5513.5121.214.6725.16 14.61 22.55 14.21 23.65 28.48 +/- 3.37
26.24%43.53%28.82%47.09%27.03%42.40%29.33%50.32% 29.22% 45.10% 28.42% 47.30%
CHEM 33622433.222.4430.7116.424.2520.7234.25 19.07 31.67 21.1 34.33 36.99 +/- 4.01
34.29%47.43%32.05%43.88%23.43%34.64%29.61%48.93% 27.24% 45.26% 30.14% 49.05%