Comprehensive Program Review

Welcome to the Georgia College Comprehensive Program Review Web Site.

The purpose of Comprehensive Program Review at GC is to ensure the continuous improvement of academic degree programs. GC's CPRs are data-informed and culminate in the development of a plan for improvement. CPRs are submitted to the USG for review at the system level on a cyclical basis (see Timeline and Schedule).

All materials needed for the comprehensive program review process are available on GC's Institutional Research Website. Click on the left side-bar menu items to access resources. (Note: The Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness will deliver the template for each program by November 15th of the year that the program is up for review.)

For assistance with CPRs, contact:

Cara Smith, Ph.D.
Director Institutional Effectiveness
Office Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Harrison House, Campus Box 52
Phone: 478-445-3530