Fall 2020 Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

* Fall and Summer Entrants
Fall 2021 Summary
GCSU - 6,763 Enrolled for 6,876 Majors
Degree Seeking Majors: 6,666
FY21 Graduates: 1,840
Courses: 1,563 (> 0 credit hours)
Credit Hours: 83974.5
Average Class Size: 19
Unduplicated Enrollment: 6,763

Fall 2021 Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

+/- Undergraduate Major Enrolled Graduate Program Enrolled
Marketing475 Secondary Teacher Education137
Psychology451 Nursing134
Undeclared: Nursing Track421 Public Administration85
Management366 Middle Grades Education77
Undeclared: Business Track360 Curriculum and Instruction68
Exercise Science354 Logistics and Supply Chain Mgm68
Biology338 Educational Leadership54
Mass Communication288 Special Education48
Management Information Systems238 Teacher Leadership46
Nursing222 Business Administration39
Accounting165 Music Education37
Public Health157 Accounting36
Undeclared: Early Child Ed Trk147 Health & Human Performance28
Art119 Criminal Justice25
Criminal Justice115 Management Information Systems25
Political Science108 Early Childhood Education24
English108 Nursing Practice23
Early Childhood Education104 Library Media22
Undeclared104 Creative Writing22
Computer Science104 Athletic Training19
Environmental Sciences96 Biology19
History84 Music Therapy18
Economics77 Instructional Technology15
Psych Mental Health Nurse Prac12
Fall 2021

Fall Enrollment

by Major (CIP) and Minor