Spring Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

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Spring 2021 Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

+/- Major Undergraduates Program Graduates
Marketing471 Secondary Teacher Education161
Psychology426 Nursing137
Management342 Public Administration92
Undeclared: Nursing Track330 Logistics and Supply Chain Mgm81
Mass Communication323 Special Education74
Exercise Science321 Business Administration59
Biology277 Teacher Leadership55
Management Information Systems224 Middle Grades Education53
Nursing219 Curriculum and Instruction49
Undeclared: Business Track210 Educational Leadership45
Public Health208 Management Information Systems43
Accounting162 Music Education39
Undeclared: Early Child Ed Trk134 Health & Human Performance38
Criminal Justice114 Accounting31
English113 Instructional Technology27
Political Science111 Criminal Justice26
Art106 Creative Writing24
Environmental Sciences104 Nursing Practice24
Computer Science96 Library Media21
Early Childhood Education95 Biology21
Spring 2021