Spring Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

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Spring 2022 Top 20 Majors by Student Enrollment

+/- Major Undergraduates Program Graduates
Marketing468 Secondary Teacher Education132
Psychology419 Nursing130
Management403 Public Administration78
Exercise Science321 Curriculum and Instruction68
Undeclared: Nursing Track313 Logistics and Supply Chain Mgm65
Biology296 Middle Grades Education57
Mass Communication296 Special Education48
Management Information Systems254 Educational Leadership46
Undeclared: Business Track226 Teacher Leadership45
Nursing223 Business Administration44
Public Health171 Accounting33
Accounting154 Music Education31
Undeclared: Early Child Ed Trk128 Health & Human Performance28
Criminal Justice108 Early Childhood Education25
Early Childhood Education103 Library Media23
Art103 Nursing Practice23
Political Science100 Creative Writing22
English99 Management Information Systems22
Computer Science86 Criminal Justice21
Economics85 Athletic Training18
History83 Music Therapy17
83 English17
Spring 2022