Graduate Admissions

Admitted, Enrolled by Program

Fall Graduate Admitted, Enrolled by CIP/Program Description

+/-CIP/Program Description 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Trend
Doctor of Nursing Practice011014
EDS Education14251000
EDS Educational Leadership5158672242
EDS Special Education1515011
EDS Teacher Leadership00031
MA Art Therapy410264
MA English42363
MA History52300
MAT Kinesiology/Phys Educ230463
MAT Middle Grades Education0061914
MAT Music Education00002
MAT Secondary Teacher Educ7361967
MAT Special Education1515011
MAT Teaching Secondary Ed7361967
MED Curriculum & Instruction01000
MED Early Childhood Education01100
MED Education14251000
MED Educational Leadership5158672242
MED Educational Technology181400
MED Educational Technology64096
MED Kinesiology230463
MED Library Media601420
MED Library Media04002
MED Middle Grades Education14251000
MED Read, Lang, & Literacy41000
MED Special Education20001
MFA Creative Writing11811128
MS Biology810887
MS Health & Human Perform013241417
MSN Family Nurse Practitioner1210161
MSN Nurse Educator02000
Master in Log &Supl Chain Mgmt2530372631
Master in Public Admin1019293024
Master of Accountancy121251418
Master of Business Admin4526361414
Master of Criminal Justice23579
Master of Mngt Info Systems9811118
Master of Music Education01002
Master of Music Therapy53437
Master of Science in Nursing00002
Post MSN Cert Fam Nurse Pract1210161
Post-MSN Cert Fam Nurse Pract1210161
Post-MSN Cert Psy Mental Hlth00065
Web Master of Business Admin4526361414
Fall Terms - based on the CIPs of New Graduate Students