The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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QEP Proposal Selection: Round 1 Voting

1. For this round of voting, you will rank your choices in order, 1-9. The top 5 will then be selected from the total votes cast.
2. Voting is open from 3/3-3/13.
3. Please vote only once.
4. Please be aware that these are fairly general draft proposals for the purpose of topic selection. The final selected topic/proposal will then go through two years of deeper design and planning. When choosing ideas that you like, keep in mind that this is a version of what the final proposal to SACSCOC will be.
5. The proposers’ names and contact information have been redacted. If you have questions about a particular proposal, please contact Cara Smith (
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Financial Literacy, Career Readiness, and Life Skills

Adulting 101: Bobcats RISE (Ready and Informed for Success and Excellence)

High Impact Practices

Learning Beyond the Campus: Creative Initiatives to Increase Student Engagement and Retention with Camp Bobcat and Maymester “Study Away” Courses

Information Literacy

Empowering Bobcats: Digital Research and Information Literacy at Georgia College (Locate - Create - Evaluate - Communicate)

Interdisciplinary Water Education

Waterways of Learning: The Flow of Interdisciplinary Learning through Middle Georgia Waterways

Mental Health

1. Bobcats FIRST (Focusing on Inner Resilience & Skills to Thrive)
Attachments: (Ideas for Programming)(NCHA Data)(JED 2021 Report)

2. GC Be Well: Prioritizing Mental Health and Wellbeing

Problem Based Learning

Think Link: Thinking Independently and Leading Creatively through Authentic, Problem-Based Integrated Learning

Vertically Integrated Projects

VIP: Transforming Students’ Learning with Vertically Integrated Projects
Attachment: (Supplemental Material)

Written Communication/Digital Communication

Building Sustainable Multiliteracies for Academic and Professional Success