Report Requests and Analytics

All data requests should be emailed to Please make the data request as specific and as detailed as possible, for example:
  • Period - term(s), academic year
  • Data Pool - Who to include (ex: Undergraduates, Graduates, First-Time Freshmen only, Biology Majors...)
  • Rows - How you want the data broken out (ex: by class, by gender...)
  • Columns - What figures you want to see for each row (ex: totals, averages, percentile...)
  • Special requests - ex: by College, graphs/charts, by Major, by Cip
  • Purpose - What the data will be used for (ex: internal, external, grants, survey...)
  • Timeline - When the request is needed (a two week minimum deadline is preferred)

The following section contains select completed report request.

Over time these reports may be moved to the appropriate reporting area as recurring reports.

15 to Finish's Effect on GCSU's Graduation Rate

Description: OIRE's statistical model predicts approximately 11% more students would graduate within six years with a moderately successful 15 to Finish campaign. Produced 02/01/2016.

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AP and Dual Enrolled Earned Hours

Description: This report contains fall 2009 - 2016 IPEDS first time full-time freshmen by the number of AP and Dual Enrolled Earned credit hours earned upon entry. Produced 01/31/2017.

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Faculty and Staff by Various Dimensions

Description: This report contains in the first tab full-time instructional staff by rank and race/ethnicity with department and parent department as drop down box filters. The second tab contains all Georgia College employees by IPEDS occupational category by ethnicity with department and parent department as drop down box filters. Produced 08/23/2017.

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Average Attempted Credit Hours by CIP

Description: This report contains all undergraduate course CIP descriptions and the average attempted hours a student takes within the CIP. The report is for academic years 2010-11 to 2015-16. Produced 05/22/2015. Updated August 2016.

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10 Year Trend of Enrollment by Ethnicity/Race

Description: This report contains a ten year trend of total precent of enrollment by ethnicity/race with gender, student academic level and ethnicity/race as filters. Produced 05/04/2016.

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