Performance on External Examinations

College of Business

CBK ETS Examination

The College of Business uses the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Major Field Test to assess all business majors during their senior year. This exam is designed to measure students' broad business subject knowledge and the ability to apply concepts, theories, facts, and analytical methods. The expectation (benchmark) for student performance as set by the College of Business is that students will "perform above the national norm (50th percentile) in each subject area." Since exam scores have not exceeded this target in every subject, the benchmark remains at the 50th percentile, the current national norm.

CoB Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) ETS
% Correct GC
 2009-20102010-20112011-20122012-20132013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
Accounting5350494943 43 44 44 48
Economics5046454545 46 45 43 45
Management6163636462 62 62 63 69
Quantitative Business Analysis5343414342 42 42 38 40
Finance5845444342 41 40 39 43
Marketing6266656561 58 61 52 59
Legal and Social5261596065 64 63 49 49
Information Systems6254545258 57 55 58 52
International Issues6260606047 46 46 44 44
Number of test takers181189205255192 277 270    

Economics ETS Major Field Exam

Students take the ETS major field test in economics, a nationally standardized test of economic knowledge, during their Senior Seminar. This is offered each spring semester. Students' mean score for total economics and sub-scores on the micro- and macro- economic components of the exam are compared to those of students at other universities also taking the exam. The department of Economics set as benchmark for student performance on the exam at or above the 50th percentile on each component measured. Department faculty agreed that the goal of achieving outcomes in the upper 50th percentile of the universities administering the ETS exam is desirable, given the academic reputations of these universities, and that this level of achievement is indicative of high performing economics students that exceed nationwide performance standards.

Data demonstrate that annually, GC students continue to meet the benchmark set by the department, scoring in the upper 50th percentile on the two of the three components of the exam total score and the microeconomics sub-score. While the score on the macroeconomics sub-test has not been met each year, it has increased considerably since the first administration of the exam in 2008-2009.

ETS Exam Results 2017-18 Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2016-17 Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2015-16 Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2014-15 Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2013-14Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2012-13Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2011-12Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2010-11Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2009-10Percent scoring 50% or higher
ETS Exam Results 2008-09Percent scoring 50% or higher
Total Score 161 83 159 70 162 81 162 80 158711637515966160691678516050
Micro Sub-score 62 86 61 77 62 81 64 86 628168876580668376956885
Macro Sub-score 55 60 53 48 57 66 56 58 514658695138513856505125