Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Core Assessment Outcomes

As part of GCSU Journeys, the Office of Assessment launched a revised Core Assessment process in the Fall of 2018. Faculty from each corresponding discipline were asked to decide which AAC&U Essential Outcome was best reflected in each of their Core courses. Rubrics were then created to reflect both the Student Learning Outcome for the course's area and the AAC&U Essential Outcome chosen for the course. Faculty used these new rubrics for Core courses in Areas C2, D, and E in Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019. In addition, courses in the Core that were already being assessed by rubrics (GC1Y, GC2Y, and ENGL 1101/1102) are included below in an overall assessment of skills gained by students in all Core courses. Data are presented aggregated across courses and for the entire year.

Moving forward, these data will be used in a variety of ways - to benchmark future data analysis, to improve learning, to ensure the efficacy of the Core, and to validate against external sources. If you have any questions regarding these data, please contact Cara Smith (

AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes: